You have got to see these to believe them!  That is a pinapple being dwarfed in this beast! Get in touch and choose your perfect bowl over Zoom/Skype.   We feel a bit like Ollivander (Potter fans?) with these... it is not exactly clear whether you will choose the bowl or if the bowl chooses you! 


Beautiful, hand crafted bowls made by skilled artisans in Tunisia.  Each bowl is unique to the natural rhythm of the source.  The diameter will vary between 28cm/11" - 33cm/13".


Find about how we produce these ancient wooden artefacts in the sustainability section of the site. 


Naturally anti-bacterial and food safe.  A little olive oil rubbed in every month to keep it looking like the table centerpiece it is.


By the way - these are £200 at our competitors site! = just saying -)

28cm/11" - 33cm/13" Giant Rustic Edge Olive Wood B

SKU: elevate19
  • Each bowl varies slightly in look and size.  The diameter will vary between 28cm- 32cm. (11" - 13")



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